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Telephone Service
Home phone service now available
Unlimited plans starting at $19.99 for residential customers and unlimited plans starting at $24.99 for commercial customers!

Don’t let your phone + cable bundle hold you back!

Fibersonic now provides feature-rich, affordable phone service in addition to gig-speed internet.

All the features you expect & more!

In addition to these great standard features, you can also add custom options. Create the service that perfectly matches how you want to keep in touch!

  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID (name & number)
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Transfer Disconnect
  • Call Forwarding with remote access
  • Hunting: direct calls from your home line to your cell or other number
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Unlimited local & domestic US calling includes Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Guam & US Virgin Islands
Residential Options
  • Call Waiting ID | $1/mo.
  • Call Block (selective call rejection) | $2/mo.
  • Remote Access to Call Forwarding | $2/mo.
  • Call Return | $4/mo.
  • Distinctive Ring | $3/mo.
  • Anonymous Call Rejection | $1/mo.
  • vFax (no machine needed) | $3/mo.
  • SimRing (re-direct calls to multiple phones simultaneously) | $8/mo.
  • Selective Call Acceptance | $1/mo.
  • Caller ID Block | $3/mo.
  • Seasonal Disconnect | $9.99/mo. (reconnect fee not included)
Commercial Options
  • Easy Auto Attendant (Business Group)
  • Premium Auto Attendant (Business Group)
  • Music on Hold (Business Group)
  • SoftPhone Client (User)
  • Line Hunting on standard business line